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Full Version: Hey, I'm Cally2L!
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Hey, I'm Cally2L! I play on DarKevins a lot! I have some friends I play with a lot there. I only recently signed up here.

Why do you play on DarKevs a lot?

I just love it! It runs like an old Garry's Mod server but with newer mods and epic players. Also, the weapons are sweet! You also get what's in the title, BIG CITY WAR! It's awesome as you can build bases and make sure you spawn in them ANYWHERE! The players are great (well, some of them at least). And you can build your own weapons and tanks! Its everything I want in a server.

You'll see me A LOT on the server so be warned!

Why do you use explanation marks all the time?

Cause why the fuck not!!!
This is an interesting way of introducing yourself? XD
(04-23-2016, 06:35 PM)Generic user #1456 Wrote: [ -> ]This is an interesting way of introducing yourself? XD

i see.