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Full Version: Votes as respected
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Just got a cheeky suggestion... can respected make votes on the server? Yknow like general questions and options ? (We can't at the moment...... idk can we?! xD) just think this would be cool and it doesnt exactly make a huge difference but would just be funny to use sometimes ? 

Unless there's a real reason why it's not allowed in which case soz my bad !
(06-09-2016, 09:33 PM)Gabriel Wrote: [ -> ]so you basiclly want that everyone will be voted for respected,mod and admin?

nonono wait i explained it really badly.. you know what you just make a vote on the server? the blue box things? and options? 

but people may spam it apparently so.. perhaps not anyway
I believe what he is talking about is a simple vote, for example "Should we change map? Yes, No" not voting into respected, which we all know has happened.
"Expect a shit ton of retarded votes for no reason" ~Nom
For a map change you can use !votemap (?)why not(?)

Example: If you make a vote(normal) for map change and they vote "yes". Where is the point of chaning map other than votemaps.
IF an admin is online that time (he) can make the vote.