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Full Version: Donator "rank"?
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I just had an idea i'm not sure if it has been suggested before and how it would work really :/ but lots of servers have a different rank or perks for people who have donated to the server? and I reckon lots of people would donate money to the server so maybe this could be an idea to think about (?) 
     When I was thinking of what youd actually get for donating I thought of a few possible issues, for example if there was going to be a whole new rank for donating players how would you distinguish between a respected donator and a moderator donator (for example)???? and also what would people actually get for donating, to make it worthwhile so people would actually donate in the first place?

A very vague idea xD i'm sorry but just a thought I had?
I was thinking about giving donators their own groups, with their own team/rank, color, and loadout +ammo that they spawn with (no admin guns, of course).
Don't know about other extras, I think I had a list once with some stuff that donators could get, need to dig it out again.
Yeah, I think that would be a good idea maybe if the donation was like £5 or whatever minimum because I reckon lots of people would give money. Not sure if they should have their own rank entirely tho ? Because how would you know is that's persons a repsected or mod or admin as well as donator? :/
Make donator pink, that'd be fucking hilarious.
I wish I had pink. :<