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application - sagi123456789 - 07-13-2019

*Steam ID (Please attempt to find it, if you can't place your Steam profile URL): STEAM_0:1:202316740

*Have you been banned/Kicked before?: no 

What are your good qualities?:  compared to other gmod users im friendly, i like to try building stuff

What are your bad qualities?: Classefied but can keep being annyoing after being told to stop

*Why do you want to be a Respected Rank Player?(Please have this answer more than one line long): well since i want to build using e2 i would like to have the access to it,now to make this even longer im going to say i like the color green, and that is a lie but im ok with green

Have you posted an application before?: nope

*References (5 or more References, Respected or Above only.):

RE: application - Generic User #1456 - 07-14-2019

+1 we need more respecc bois and he suits the conditions

RE: application - DarKevin - 07-15-2019