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vFire, Dynamic Fire for GMod.
I’ll start this by posting the links to both vFire and the fmalethrower, because they come seperately.



Extinguisher(Reccomended but completely your choice keubain):

What is vFire?
vFire is a recently made addon that reworks the fire mechanics of GMod. Instead of having fire that burns a single object for a few seconds, vFire adds a host of new effects and features that make it a force to be reckoned with. For instance, fire deals more burn damage and will spread when it settles on a surface, then proceed to decay again. Rocket launchers and default explosive GMod items boast a slight incendiary effect now, shooting out 3 fire sources which can hurt and burn. Fire will also stick to objects, and it’s spread rate can be boosted through use of console commands.

The flamethrower.
The flamethrower, due to the reworked mechanics holds an entire host of new uses. It can be used for the same applications such as burning people from seats, but due to the-stick and spread feature, you can give any vehicle- including WAC if you’re talented enough- an extremely bad day. It works on ACF too, sticking to the surface of the tank and dreipping through in places. Not only is this useful against vehiles, it is also an extremely lethal anti-infantry weapon, it can enter through a small gap and engulf the area in literal seconds.

As with all my addon suggestions, thank you for reading and please consider checking this addon out and dropping a +1.

P.S. This is completely unrelated to the addon above, but Light wants ACF updated.
+1 Deploy Flammenwerfer troops
Seen ✓✓
+1 it will help
+1 from me
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well fuck nvm +2

I'm sure it will be lit

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Bump plus confirming my +1

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