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A big suggestion towards the weapons addons on this server...
All these suggestions are for general addons on the server, not just weapons. I trhink doing these will improve the server quite alot.


Second, ATOW needs to be back. Im sure alot of people would agree.

Third, more restriction work needs to be done with the current weapons, I dont see why we should have one flame thrower on pointshop when we have 2...

Fourth, having some more CW2.0 weapon packs would be nice, find them very nice and balenced to use, there isnt really an OP gun in CW2.0 that Ive found yet.

Fifth, i think we need to remove Scars, yeah they are cool but they are just irrelivent now that simfphys is on the server (5.5 I think we need to get some of the simfpyhs car packs, personally i love them as the physics are superiour to scars and TDMcars)

Sixth, Personally i think we need a ranking system depending on playtime, for example people with 100+ hours on the server get Respected, 500+ Mega Respected, whatever, becauise i know alot of people (including me) who have played on the server for a long long time but dont really have a rank.

Seventh, I think that the server generally just needs a good look over, get rid of some addons hardly anyone uses, update the addon collection including the materials for the addons and things like that.

Well thats my rant over, i hope some of these things happen (especially ATOW coming back, plz i need the Kar98  Cry )
succ my ween boys ;P (and ill sicc yours back ;3)
What i've been proposing the last 2 years, thank you god for shining this light on us

+1 Fuck TFA and i agree with gab that we should maybe get the CW 2.0 Day of infamy pack instead of the ATOW pack. And please add fucking CW 2.0 KK INS2 back.
I think the general motive is destroying TFA. ATOW is a fine weapons pack by itself. If there were any additions I would make it would be removing ACF, but for the sake of this thread and TFA being the subject, I fully agree.

I think the best move RN would to gather semi-regular/regular players of the server and review the addons. Kind of like a 'This addon is not needed, this addon should have some stuff restricted'. Since some have become obsolete in the wake of others. Say for instance, SCars is no longer needed due the addition of Simfphys. However none of us are able to change this ourselves.

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