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Demotion of Thomas1280NL and Faye.
Name of the person*: Thomas2180NL and Faye.

Steam ID of the person*:
Thomas2810NL: STEAM_0:0:50621271
Faye: This I can not find out unfortunately, as there are 6,497 people who share this name. STEAM_0:0:47932105 (Thank you NEM)
Rules broken*
Thomas2180NL: Using admin weapons (Davy Crocket) to kill people that did not break rules. Repeatedly. It also unfroze parts of my base.
Faye: Ragdolling for no reason. Also (Could of been Thomas) banned me for 3 months for harassment, minge and being rude. The first part was called for, I don't deny the 2nd part, but i am not rude.
Thomas2180NL: mst, pwnzor, gen, and a lot of others on different occasions.
Faye: Poet
Explain everything he has done here*:
Thomas2180NL used admin weapons (Davy Crocket) To kill people who did not break a rule, mostly Drill NB.
Faye ragdolled me without me doing anything currently, and after, banned me for 3 months for 2 things that AREN'T AGAINST THE RULES.
You have the fuckin AUDACITY to accuse them of breaking rules with your record? Also I'm not a witness I believe I was afk at the time
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It's always Shitpost o'clock!
Those people were Drill and Faye, but that's just a detail
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Right. How about no? Your ban request was accepted.
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(09-24-2016, 05:18 AM)Kazaya Wrote: Right. How about no? Your ban request was accepted.


Doesn't count, wanna know why? You are the one being accused
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In seriousness, You were about to be banned. Your ban request was accepted. Those were not my reasons, Those were reasons under the ban request. WHICH thomas accepted and WHICH thomas told me to carry out. Thank you, goodbye.
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it's is beautiful, It's blyatiful
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Its glorious.
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wait my request is accepted?
[Image: AB4cDFx.jpg] (yes its 50cc but it goes 55kph and its the biggest i can get)


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