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Elzu13 Respected application
*Steam ID (Please attempt to find it, if you can't place your Steam profile URL): I am not completly sure but i think this is my steam id STEAM_0:1:116836127 and the steam profile url is this

*Have you been banned/Kicked before?:
I have never been banned but i am not completly sure have i been kicked before

If answer on last question was "yes" give reason:

What are your good qualities?:
I guess i am friendly and i wont rage when i get killed well exept if i get spawn killed on spawn point by a laser i may say something but i wont rage badly i am not a toxic person and i wont swear well atleast not near people i dont know that well and i can kind of build a tank

What are your bad qualities?:
Well i like explosives and i tend to snipe some times and well if i rage i am mad but not like 10 year old mad

*Why do you want to be a Respected Rank Player?(Please have this answer more than one line long):
I want to get respected because of the prop limits and tools also i like the fancy green color you get in chat for respected

Have you posted an application before?:
No i have not posted an application before

If Your Application Was Denied, Please Give the Reason and Link to Application:
Well i have nevor posted an application so there is nothing to say here

*References (5 or more References, Respected or Above only.): Dark Halo,

I appreciate all of the yes and nos and would like a reason if i dont get respected
You need 3-5 References otherwise you can't become respected
[Image: 200.gif#0]
At least someone's finally honest about why they want respected.

I will stay Neutral till i see how you behave in the server.
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