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Maybe just maybe
The hell can you do with a voteban ?

-Everyone votes no
-Some players don't even vote
-A vote is a fail

Kevin, you really expect people to "vote" a players who uses ~hacks~.

I know we have Admins, but admins are sometimes away, am I right ?

In that situation you make a voteban. *BOOM*

-Everyone votes no, or don't even vote

I also know that a Moderator isn't for that purpose (but hell I care about this server and I want it to be more protective)

-After a failure vote you just see a random player using aimbot / speed hacks etc...
if they want to play with cheaters, let them rot?
also you could always report it directly to me, with !report
Well this isn't a report, It's a suggestion of adding "BANS" for moderators.
im just saying. as long as its not a bullshit report, im taking care of it right away, often instantly.
thats especially helpful when no admins are on the server, and someone thinks he can abuse that and get away with it.
(08-13-2019, 05:45 AM)Kamdaurce Wrote: Yes thanks I have all of them.  I just like the features and noise of the new JR sd40-2 models.  Digirail models although nice repaints wont work with Searchlight enhancements.

I'm sorry, little one. I must break you.

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