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What's next for Darkevin's Bigcity War?
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So here we are again (Again) - The Discord chat pretty much died too now, which was pretty much the last thing keeping this community alive.
I won't point fingers, but that legitimately pisses me off.

Now, I'm going to make this short, since nobody probably has the patience to care much about this place anymore:
If there is still anyone who gives a crap about this place, and the tiny community we've formed over the years, then I'd love to hear ideas about what could be next.
I'm not saying we should start planning a trip to the moon or anything, I'm just curious to hear people's thoughts, since nobody barely hears anything from each other these days.

I understand very well that everyone is growing up - some people have started an education or even a job, and have much less time for that reason.
But it still saddens me to see this place go. 

Call me sentimental, but all jokes and sarcasm aside, I had fun with all you guys (maybe not all of you, but most), so even if I haven't been the most active member on the server, it still matters to me.

Does it to you?
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(02-27-2018, 12:21 AM)Gabriel Wrote: You really want to know why dk probaly has died?

Let me explain some stuff to you:
1. 90% of the staff just quit. And i can understand that they probaly have to go to school or even have a family/job. But what is with the others? Why have 4 superadmins when only 2 are active? why have around 15 admins when only one or two are active? Thomas and neme are the only active superadmins and drill, you are the only active admin.
2. Why have so many people in the staff team when they dont even care about darkevins? some just kick/ban people for killing them while building or just by killing them. Why keep them as mods/admins if they just abuse the shit out of it and can get away with it?
3. No one cares about any rules anymore. So good as everyone doesnt even care about most of the rules, so i can understand why users just dont join the server anymore. I have to say, it was pretty fun to play with/against thomas but his 100 suit and his use of restricted weapons just completely ruined it
4. Why not demote the staff who quit the server? Just demote them and start new mod/admin polls. For example, why does ben and smog have SA, when they dont even join darkevins anymore? why does SOAP,rpie and scorp still admin for never joining the server? I would recommend to just demote the staff who has quit and select new staff.
5. Why do we have a forum when no one checks it? there are so many addon requests who have been ignored, the same with applies.
6. Restrict op weapons and maybe remove broken/buggy addons and replace them. TFA is the biggest problem of them all. Why have realistic weapons and just add shotgun snipers who deal around 160 damage+ in 1/2 shots?
7. I can understand that kevin is probaly very busy, but why not give neme access to more stuff and let him help with most stuff? It would be great to actually have someone who can fix stuff like this.
8. Add new addons/replace old buggy and broken onces.

1+2+4. We already went through all staff members and demoted a bunch, Kevin and Thomas both participated in that meeting. If you want anyone else demoted than those who aren't already, you'll need to take that up with Kevin, since he has the last say in that.

3. I haven't really seen any staff members breaking rules, sure some people cross the line every now and then (even I have), but they always get a warning. I wouldn't go as far as just demoting them for making a mistake, but then again, managing staff isn't up to me.

5. I still get email notifications from the forum, and I do see people periodically check it. The problem is that no one posts anything. The forum was mostly designed for general discussions and addons anyways.

7. Nemesis already has pretty much full access. The problem is that even Kevin is more active than Nemesis at this point. Sure Nem visits the server every once in a while, but not for that long - and I haven't actually seen him on duty for a long time, so.
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your mum is straight dab gotem
Well shit dude. I haven't been on Darkevin's in like, two years... *I almost forgot what my password was for this account*. 

I must say, that most of what Drill said was correct, I always check to see who's in the server every now and then and it's usually the same admins and superadmins on. Rarely do I see other active members. having TFA weapons was one of the shittest decisions I have ever seen. *And that's coming from me, who used the most OP TFA shit out there*.

It's sad to see this server die. It's almost like seeing my 10 year old pet just keel over and cough up the last of its life force as I watch and lau- watch and cry. However, it's so nice to see that veteran users like "Gen" is still here. oh how I miss MstWnted, motherfucker got that green role right in my face... Anyways, enough of me rambling on! See you! Heheh~

F to pay respect
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It's always Shitpost o'clock!
no u.
Yo guys,

Never played alot of anything maybe 2016-2018 ish. Quite a few familliar names here. I remember a frequent guy with a dragonball z profile picture and a person called samuel or something who always used to run around headshotting with a revolver hah. Not sure if anyone would remember me.

Is the server even still up or is it just eternally empty?

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