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What are your favourite games, except...
... Based on these aspects? 
Still being entertaining after years:
Personal interest:

And to make it less stale and bland, you must pick a different game for each catagory. Even if it easily aces every  And you cannot pick GMod.

I just got kind of bored so thought i’d throw this together to see if i’d get any responses, and maybe expand my own interests on games Big Grin

I’ll start as an example:
Soundtrack: Starbound (Even if it’s a few, some tracks nail it on the head for me)
Community: IL2 BoS (Never have i met a more eager friendlier and willing to help bunch of people)
Gameplay: Men of War AS2 (I love RTS, And the way men of war has compiled this, i love.)
Still being entertaining after years: Halo (Generally every Halo, but after all this time, the story alone is enough to frag me back, hint readd halo wac pl0x)
Personal Interest: War Thunder (I love WW2, And being to work in vastly coordinated teams with WW2 Aircraft and tanks really appeals to my liking for the war)
Soundtrack: Payday 2
Community: Hitman
Gameplay: Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl (or Call of Prypiat)
Still being entertaining after years: F.E.A.R
Personal interest: Streets of rogue
[Image: 25b0b063-f03c-4965-b804-8ce0097559b1.jpg]
Soundtrack: PAYDAY 2
Community: Planetside 2
Gameplay: War Thunder
Still being entertaining after years: APB Reloaded
Personal interest: Doki Doki Literature Club
[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
deez, as in, deez nutz
get it?
funny joke about balls
Soundtrack: Elden Ring
Community: Terraria
Gameplay: Escape from Tarkov
Still being entertaining after years: Dota 2
Personal interest: Escape from Tarkov

Elden rings music really is just amazing
after playing dota 2 for over 5k hours I can say that it's still very entertaining
Escape from Tarkov is probably the best first person shooter out there for sure

Didn't know people were still active on this forum btw kinda amazing ngl

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