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Fabertastics Respected application :D
*Steam ID (Please attempt to find it, if you can't place your Steam profile URL):STEAM_0:0:95688709

*Have you been banned/Kicked before?: Not that i remember of on this server.

If answer on last question was "yes" give reason:

What are your good qualities?: I'm friendly towards everyone, if i get asked to do something ill do it as long as its not breaking the rules, im a great builder and have helped a lot of people build things in the past. 

What are your bad qualities?: Sometimes i can take things out of context and sometimes i can be a little over the top but usually most things i do are as a joke.

*Why do you want to be a Respected Rank Player?(Please have this answer more than one line long): I believe that i should be respected because i have been playing on this server for years and years, i believe TheFairTradingMan (which was one of my old steam account names) was made in 2014, i love the community in this server and would love to be able to votekick players if everyone is having trouble with them as not many admins/superadmins come on very often anymore.

Have you posted an application before?: I believe i posted an unban application on my FairTradingMan account, but other than that ive posted acouple for different roles on other servers.

If Your Application Was Denied, Please Give the Reason and Link to Application:

*References (5 or more References, Respected or Above only.): Patriot (Generic User), Gabriel, If anyone else wants to reference me go ahead Smile
fuck it, give it to him. don't even know him but whatever
[Image: giphy.gif]
If he's a friend of Jesus then he's a friend of mine. +1
(04-22-2019, 09:08 PM)Calldeni Wrote: If he's a friend of Jesus then he's a friend of mine. +1

hail jah
[Image: giphy.gif]
can confirm he is a proper mad lad

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