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Addon Suggestion for LFS, Maintanance station, LAAT Gunship, and Star Wars weapons

LFS Is an aircraft addon focusing on a more war thunder/arcady style of aircraft in gmod. As WAC is dated and buggy as a result of all the new gmod updates I believe it could be a good replacement, It includes aircrafts, helicopters, and tonnes of content authors have made addons for it. The LAAT for it is one great example which is why i am reccomending it here. The Maintanance station offers a way to repair/rearm these aircraft without using the c menu option which admins use.

The star wars weapons are a good pack of just general star wars blasters/rifles which are pretty fun to mess around with, and require no extra content to use.

Thanks for reading my suggestion, please consider a +1 ;p
+1 it's very very very good send help
+1 very cool
Thanks generic, very cool. +1
[Image: 200.gif#0]
+2 from sagi/misuteri who cant remember their passwords:
Hey guys, nice to see you.
I added all the shit you wanted, but I noticed that it said on the planes, that they might cause camera issues with gmod legs 3, which is a nice addon we used to have and aren't using anymore for some reason. Anyway, so we should try keeping that in mind if we ever want to add gmod legs again. Just as information.

Also, it said something about enabling DOD content for the Star Wars guns, is it needed to view some models?

Anyway, Approved.
the dodConfused is not required, none of us own any content for it and it worked fine in multiplayer

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