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Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, how long has it been since I even posted on here. This account is three years old, to the DATE. 24/01/17 and today is 24/01/20. Oh how time has PASSED

The Katana kid is now the Soup Meister. Watcha think about that? The squeaker is still the squeaker but but but but but!!! sh alive. 

[b]Nice to see people here still alive though! How's everyone doing? People still doing their own wacky shit? Haven't played GMOD since 2018 until recently, so what's up? 
Sup dude. Yeah, it's been a while, haven't played gmod recently.
But I keep the server running.
Nice to see the forum being used by someone other than russian spam bots, once in a while :'D
Speaking of spambots, there they are again.
[Image: aze3Zef.gif]

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