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another year passes by

this is fabertastic/jimbob/thefairtradingman,

its currently 04:07, 26th of December 2022 at the time of starting writing this,

i just wanted to write something here, as a nostalgia trip i guess, i was thinking about my friends, the first friends i made when i started playing games on my playstation 3 when i got it for Christmas, in fact that's when the name fabertastic was created by my mum for my playstation account. Currently used on every social media i have access to. i made a few friends on there and transferred over to pc a few years after, a couple school friends joined me and a few stayed on playstation. 

moving to pc was big, i could play games like gmod, minecraft, half life, a lot of games i couldnt play on playstation at the time. Playing gmod was very cool after watching people play it on youtube, finding addons and making garbage, then i found Darkevins, a fairly normal sandbox server that was populated with a fair amount of people, i had good ping and the people there were fun to play with. 

That sort of leads me to here, 9-10 years later, im 21 now, not really interested in new games, only some few and far between, working fully throughout the week and barely making enough to pay for my car addiction. Although its been so long, i still think about darkevins fondly and often, its a large portion of my memories spanning from around roughly 2013-2020.

I know exactly why i think about it so often aswell, it was so enjoyable and took alot of my time after school and inbetween homework, there will always be a place in my memories for darkevins, the people i played with and all the usernames ive seen join. The people ive pvp or built things with, added on steam, the advanced duplicator saves i have for big city. All of it will forever be ingrained as there was never really a bad time on the server, i know for some people there was but for me it was always positive.

Which is why i want to thank all of you, thank you for being a part of my childhood for so many years, of course 99% of you will not see this, which is fine by me. I hope you all some day think about darkevins again and come here to find this, in however many years it may be, thank you, you are not forgotten Smile

This is where im going to leave this post, ive got a beer on my desk and a few empty ones here too, ending at 04:24, i hope youve all had a good festive holidays and that the new year is good for everyone,
stay safe and keep doing what you love,

if any of you want to message me for whatever reason, feel free, im mostly active on discord although im not a part of the darkevins server.

piece out,
TheFairTradingMan / Fabertastic / JimBob Heart
Gentlemen New World Record! Gentlemen
When I made the server, I expected it to be fun, but I never expected that it would leave so many fond memories for so many people. Even if it were just one of you writing this, I would already know that the server was worth while, but there are so many of you telling me what a great time you had, it's amazing and it makes me proud.
I hope you had a great Christmas. Best wishes to you, and take care.

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